Strange days indeed!

         Most peculiar, Mama 

- John Lennon


I hope you are staying safe and healthy. We are, all of us, staying home with our (hopefully still) loved ones and looking for ways to maximize this opportunity. 

So let's move your songwriting to the next level, avoiding the pitfalls that are holding you back from writing the best songs you can, giving you the best chance of attracting artists and publishers.

In the Northstar Master Songwriting Class, every few days I will send you more classes in the mysterious and hugely rewarding art of commercial songwriting. That means songs you can sell…not songs to sell soup with! I charge $1000 for my one day masterclass in person in my studio, but this package comes to you in your own home for only $497.

In addition, I can give you personal feedback on five of your new or improved songs, over five months from your sign-up date, for an additional $249.

And if you prefer a Critique package without the Master Songwriting Course, you pay $299 for three songs.

Write better melodies, better verses, better hooks:

Click your choice below to enrol in your new future. 

See you in the studio.

NorthStar Master Songwriting Class



Online course - study at your own pace in your home.


NorthStar Master Class PLUS Critique for 5 songs

$497 + $249


Online course - study at your own pace in your home.

Critique from Gary Burr on FIVE songs.


Critique Only Package (THREE SONGS)



Critique from Gary Burr on THREE songs.